DNN Upgrade - Does It Have To Be A Pain?


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- Main Presentation: On our 4th TADUG meeting we will have myself, Aderson Oliveira, as the main presenter to talk about DNN Upgrades.

Upgrading a DNN website can be painful, but if you have a step by step process that includes best practices tested on hundreds of DNN upgrades, then you can reduce the pain quite drastically if not eliminating completely. This is what we will be talking about during the main presentation: A step by step approach that will minimize the trouble and headache that usually comes together with DNN upgrades.

About Aderson Oliveira:

Aderson Oliveira actively contributes to the DNN Community leveraging his passion for instruction, training and tips for DNN.

As the Chief Editor of DNNHero (a source of online video tutorials for DNN) and the manager of DeskPal (a DNN helpdesk), Aderson clearly has advice, teaching and instruction in every ounce of his being.

- Where: Meeting will be done via GoToMeeting and the link is:

- When: Wednesday July 5th. 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm Eastern Time.

Come ready to ask, talk and share!


Important Links:

- DNN Requirements
- DNN on GitHub
- WinMerge
- DNN Upgrade Module
- DNN Backup Module
- Upgrading DNN
- Six Things to Consider Before Upgrading DotNetNuke
- Why are you stuck on an old version of DotNetNuke?
- Removing Roadblocks to Upgrading By Reviving the Old Core Modules
- 5 Tips for Successfully Upgrading DNN Websites
- DNN 9.2 Upgrade What You Need to Know

Download the Presentation: DNN Upgrade Presentation



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